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What are Weight Loss Doctors?

Heart attacks, joint problems, diabetes and many other conditions are risk factors for people who are overweight. Sometimes people have trouble losing weight on their own, so they must enlist help from their doctor. General practitioners or family doctors are usually where the journey to weight loss begins. They can refer the patient to other weight loss specialists when needed. General practitioners can recommend appropriate diet and exercises for losing weight, but obese patients will need to seek out bariatric physicians, an endocrinologist or a nutritionist.

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Symptoms and Treatments Related to Weight Loss?

Bariatric doctors are experts on obesity and are well-equipped to provide in-depth nutritional and exercise information. They can also recommend when weight loss surgery is an option and refer the patient to a weight loss surgeon. Sometimes a patient is overweight due to hormonal issues. An endocrinologist can help with endocrine related disorders. Nutritionists often work with bariatric doctors on how food can affect their overall health.

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