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What are Vascular Medicine Doctors?

Vascular medicine doctors look closely at the blood vessels and treat diseases related to the arteries, veins and lymph. Vascular medicine is studied as a sub-specialty of internal medicine, a sub-specialty of cardiology or directly after medical school.

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Symptoms and Treatments of Vascular Medicine?

Vascular problems arise when arteries can’t efficiently deliver blood from the heart to the tissues, when veins can’t efficiently deliver blood back to the heart or with the lymphatic system when there is trouble with the lymph fluid being transported back to circulation. Vascular diseases that are most commonly treated by vascular medicine specialists are arterial disease, venous disease, lymph dysfunction, connective tissue disease, vascular disease and systemic disease. Most commonly, vascular procedures are performed with a catheter, including venous and arterial procedures. Generally, however, vascular medicine specialists can diagnose and treat patients with non-invasive methods.

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