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Chronic Stress
Have you ever noticed the almost perverse pleasure we adults take in either bemoaning or bragging about our hectic work schedules and lifestyles? Psychologists suggest…
Behavioral Disorders
Behavioral and developmental disorders have become more common in recent years. While the jury is still out on whether those numbers can be attributed to…
Depression in the Golden Years
It can happen more easily than you think: a once-healthy, active and social person may experience any number of issues as a senior which could…

What is Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists diagnose, prevent and treat mental illness as related to mood, behavior, cognition and perceptions. Psychiatric assessments help psychiatrists determine what kind of treatment is needed for the patient. Oftentimes, a combination of psychiatric medication and psychotherapy help to treat the patient with mental illness. Psychiatrists have excellent communication skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

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Symptoms and Treatments for Mental Disorders?

Medications can be used to treat mental conditions, but therapy during the psychiatric examination and during treatment is primarily used to determine the cause and type of mental illness. Psychotherapies can either change behaviors or thought patterns or help patients solve problems in specific ways. Psychiatric medications help to actually correct imbalances in brain chemistry that are thought to be involved in the mental disorder. Psychiatrists treat everything from mild depression to anxiety disorders to people who suffer hallucinations or delusions.

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