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Alzheimer and Dementia
The onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be a devastating time both for the person facing these illnesses and his or her loved ones.…

What is a Gerontologist?

A gerontologist studies the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging adults. Geriatrics, by contrast, studies diseases of older adults. Gerontology investigates the psychological effects on aging, especially with relationships — socially and physically. They study the lifestyle change related to being an older adult and they help provide services to our ever-increasing aging population.

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Symptoms and Treatments in older adults?

Older adults often face loneliness and isolation. Gerontologists find services to help older individuals engage in social activities, which will help them, not only psychologically, but also physically. Their aim is to educate the community on how to age well and many gerontologists have published books on the subject, as well as produced television programs. Gerontologists conduct their research on ways to help seniors live productive lives at senior centers, nursing homes and other similar facilities. Gerontologists have a love for working with the older population and a passion for helping people.

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