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Pineland Family Dental photograph of a smiling young girl
Pineland Family Dental is more than just a name reflecting a family-owned practice. The children and grandchildren of patients who were served by Dr. James…
Treating TMD
When people experience jaw pain, they tend to assume they have a joint issue. They may even erroneously describe it as “TMJ” when really the…

What is a Dentist?

Dentists specialize in the prevention of diseases and the treatment of conditions of the teeth or inside the mouth. They promote oral health and encourage people to have a check-up at a dentist office or dental clinic an average of every six months. Dentists can start seeing patients as young as age one, or when the first teeth start to appear. Family dentistry or pediatric dental visits are encouraged to begin at an early age to teach healthy oral care.

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Symptoms and Treatment from Dentists?

Dentists are licensed to perform oral treatments like professional cleanings; dental restorations; orthodontics, like braces; cosmetic dentistry, like veneers; root canals; gum therapy; dentures; and oral surgery.

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